About Bihu

Bihu is the main festival of Assam, in north east India. This agricultural festival occurs three times a year but the biggest celebration, known as Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu, happens in April. Kati Bihu and Magh Bihu occurs in the month of Otober and Janurary respectively. 

Rongali Bihu celebrated for seven days and marks the start of the New Year there, as well as seeding time in spring. The first day is dedicated to the cows, which are vital to agriculture. The second day is spent visiting friends and relatives, along with plenty of singing and dancing. On the third day, deities are worshiped. Bihu is irreligious festival that is celebrated by people from all religion and parts of Assam.

Bihu is a traditional festival where people cook traditional meals using rice and wear traditional clothes. Dance and music forms an important part of the celebration and the festivities continues for seven days at a stretch. The entire festival is extremely secular in nature and is deeply connected with agriculture.



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