Legends of Bihu

Dimasa Kacharis

Bihu is biggest festival of Assam. This is rarest festival which celebrated in three sets. The history of this festival celebration dates back to the year 3500 B.C. and is commonly believed that the festival originated from the language of Dimasa Kacharis, an agrarian tribe who flourished in this part of the world thousands of years back. Bihu has been a festival of joy and celebrations that has bought people closer to one another.


Sankar Deva Theory

The influence of Bihu is not limited to that of farmers and people related to agriculture. It is believed that great writers and composers in the Assamese language were also significantly influenced by this unique festival. Sankar Deva the great hymn composer and Madhav Deva who is known for his Assamese rendering of Valmiki’s Ramayana both of whom lived during the 15th century were influenced by Bihu in a big way.


Tai-Shan theory

Another contribution of Tai-Shans upon their arrival in Assam celebrated a festival in which they worshipped the cow spraying fresh water which was similar to the rituals to the ancestral Poin-cham-Nyam, so the called the existing festival of this land Poin-hu, thus the bihu later spoken with Poin-hu which today pronounced as Bihu.


Indo-Aryan theory

On arrival of Indo-aryans in Assam it helps native Bisu to bring it to the present form. Being the pioneers of Astronomy, they further associated the term Bisu with the Visuvan day for coincidence of the Bohag bihu with other springtime festivals observed elsewhere in India on this day and adopted the festival of the natives.



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